BrokenMouse 1.5k Installs

BrokenMouse is a mouse cursor clipper for old games and other fullscreen software on multimonitor systems.

Many of old games (especially strategic ones or other games with map scroll) don't know about how to behave on multimonitor configurations. This means that if you move mouse to the edge of the screen, cursor will go to another monitor instead of stopping at the edge and scrolling the game. If you click in that case, the game will lose focus and will get minimized.

BrokenMouse is developed for such games (not only games to be exact). It has two modes:

  • Automatically detect fullscreen application and clip mouse inside of screen, where the application window is shown.
  • Manual mode (with global hotkey) for cases when the first mode is not applicable. You can select monitor to clip to manually.

BrokenMouse can also disable Windows Key which is another scourge of gamers.


  • Clip mouse cursor for fullscreen application.
  • Automatic or manual enabling of mouse clipping.
  • Tracking the screen resolution to clip to.
  • (optional) Disable Windows key when clipping is on.


BrokenMouse screenshot